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How inappropriate is it to call this planet "Earth," when it is clearly an "Ocean” of opportunities for the revolutionaries. At list everyone has a talent, just to let you know: - Talent has no Nationality, no country and no boundaries. This implies that nothing should hold you back from achieving your dreams of becoming successful in life. Our founder Johnstone Mwanzi Kiduchi, born naked, wet and hungry just like everyone else, Saw the need for aspiring enthusiast in self-employment showcase and make the most out of their skills, talent as well as profession in a world where competition for regular employment has become enormous.

Being employed for 7 years working as an IT guy in a retail company and also doing offline freelancing as a side hustle, Johnstone had a firsthand experience of the pros and cons of both freelancing and regular employment and from his experience, the regular employment really sucked simply because he had to respond to issues even at 2am in the morning yet he wasn't going to receive overtime pay for this extra work. Actually the statement "my job sucks" is very common if you haven't noticed. As an offline freelancer, he used to receive calls from different clients frequently through recommendations to either offer his IT services or find someone who can deliver the services since some jobs needed different skills from his and so he acted as a middleman in such scenarios to assist connect suitable professionals with respective clients.

Due to his laziness in struggling to do follow-ups with fellow offline freelancers while on the other hand still wanted to help these two parties connect, he decided to start the Kiduchi Network Enterprise in 2017 where all freelancers and clients despite their location or nationality around the globe can connect, interact, offer and receive services in one platform easily and safely and indeed this was a year of great achievement to him as the Kiduchi network joined and brought together the freelance evolution.

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