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Software Developer/ Data Analyst

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As a software engineer with a strong foundation in statistics and a specialization in back-end development, I am passionate about leveraging data-driven insights to create impactful software solutions. My journey in the tech industry has equipped me with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of programming languages such as Python, Java, and JavaScript.

Throughout my experience, I have had the privilege of working as an intern, collaborating closely with talented teams to develop the back-end of my company’s internal dashboard, including an Inventory Management System and CRM system. Using frameworks like Python Django and Java Spring Boot, I have contributed to building robust and scalable applications that streamline business operations and enhance user experiences.

My dedication to delivering high-quality code, optimizing system performance, and ensuring seamless functionality has driven my success in developing innovative solutions. I thrive in an Agile environment, actively participating in cross-functional teams, attending daily stand-ups, and engaging in collaborative problem-solving sessions.

I strongly believe in the power of continuous learning and staying up-to-date with emerging technologies. This mindset has motivated me to actively explore new tools, frameworks, and industry best practices to enhance my skill set and contribute effectively to cutting-edge projects.

I am now seeking an opportunity that allows me to apply my expertise, collaborate with like-minded professionals, and make meaningful contributions to a forward-thinking organization. I am excited to take on new challenges, drive innovation, and deliver software solutions that positively impact businesses and end-users alike.


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