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Web developer and pentester

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Web developing involves the creation of fully fledge websites and single page applications. I’m familiar with the current trends in web development like the use of modern javascript libraries eg Vue and React combined with backend technologies.

Pentesting involves testing of webapps, APIs and even entire organizations. I also offer internal pentesting where I enumerate the security posture of a companies network. External websites where I look for vulnerabilities posed by the external presence of a company eg employees leaking credentials or sensitive information about the company. This is to catch loopholes that attackers are exploiting to take advantage of companies.


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  •  Junior System Administrator
  •  Sep 2020 - Jan 2021

⚫ Worked under the wing of the sysadmin helping him carry out his daily tasks
such as: performing backups, monitoring networks using Wireshark, computer
and user configurations in the Active Directory, answered incoming calls to the
IT department, server room maintenance, and recorded data pertaining IT
resource acquisition and retirement.

⚫ Troubleshooting issues such as internet connectivity issues and other network
related problems, user accounts issues, shared drive issuess eg a bug in windows
10 machines that caused mapped drives to disconnect sometimes upon restart.
After proper research, I proposed a solution that automated re-connection of
mapped drives at logon using logon scripts.

⚫ Configured new routers, PCs, IP phones, including setting up IPs, specifying
subnets and virtual LANs to segment operations of the organization per
departmental basis.

⚫ Added new users to the Active Directory, resetting forgotten passwords and user

⚫ Performed remote maintenance and configuration of servers and network devices
through SSH.

⚫ Used tools such as nmap to scan ports; ping and i(p/f)config to debug networks.

⚫ Setup virtual machines which we used to host on-site servers.