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Software Developer & Automation Specialist

I’m a self-taught developer who enjoys automating sales processes using no-code/low-code tools. Currently, I’m automating internal processes for Sankore 2.0 using a combination of HubSpot CRM, Notion and Pipedream. In my free time, I’m exploring Budibase, Retool and MessageBird as tools for bringing automation to small businesses in Kenya.


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Product Manager

  •  Sankore 2.0
  •  Sep 2022 - Mar 2023

NEAR Kenya is a blockchain startup that is trying to make VC funding more accessible to promising tech founders in Africa. I did the following for them:
• Analysing projects' business models and whitepapers as part of the vetting process
• Organising all the data relating to the projects on Notion and HubSpot
• Automating and documenting the project management process for the team of PMs using low-code tools such as Pipedream & n8n
• Implementing HubSpot CRM (Sales Hub)
• Developing self-service reporting tool for deals/projects

IT Consultant

  •  Logistics Simplified Agencies
  •  Jan 2023 - Present

Logistics Simplified is a small business with a focus on delivering transport services for boarding schools. I am responsible for evaluating and implementing software solutions that drive the operation of the business. This involves the following:
• Product Strategy
• UX and UI Design
• Conducting User Research
• No-Code/Low-Code Development with Supabase, MessageBird & Pipedream

BSc in Informatics

  •  Moi University
  •  Sep 2016 - Dec 2021

Graduated with Second Class Upper Division Honours