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1. How To Get a Job done

Start by Posting a Job

Simply start by signing in to your client account (or register if you don't have one yet). You can either browse services and order for a service that best suites your needs or post a custom job or project that you need to get done. At Kiduchi, thousands of professional service providers offer their services as individuals or agencies.

You can browse our list of top professionals and check their work ratings,  reviews, portfolios and more to see testimonials from other clients with their previous projects. When posting your job or project, on the job description, you MUST include all necessary instructions on how or what you want as the final deliverable for the job to be considered complete. Other details about the job including the type of job (i.e hourly or fixed), the skills, experience and qualifications are also set by you.

  • How do I assign a job or task to a pro?

    Search for Services or Post a Job / Project

    You can either search and order for services as products, or you can post a custom task or job. Then the next steps will flow automatically.

  • What should I do to make my project successful?

    A Clear Job Post

    When posting a job, use the job description section to explain to the pro what you wish to accomplish in order to consider the job done.

  • What happens when I’m not happy with the results?

    Dispute the Project

    Most projects are completed as per clients expectation but in case you are not happy, you can raise  a dispute on the project then kiduchi team will help you resolve it.


2. Review the Job Bids

Picking a Suitable Pro

To get the best fit candidate, our system automatically matches your job to the most qualified pro based on their skills and success rate. This ensures you are likely to find a pro that perfectly matches your requirements. Once your job is posted, keep checking your inbox as you will start receiving bids for your post from the freelancers. You will review the bids and pick the most appealing to you and decide which you will either approve or reject. You have the resources of interviewing your pro on the platform if the need arises.

Once you have interviewed and chosen you suitable freelancer, you can go ahead and assign them the job. After assigning, you MUST deposit the agreed amount to an escrow account before the freelancer starts working. This amount will only be released to the freelancer once you authorize and confirm that they have delivered as agreed. Escrow deposits are fully refundable in case the job is not done.

  • How do I pay and what does it cost?

    Make Escrow Deposits

    You and the pro agree upon the job price according to the project scope and budget. Kiduchi makes paying freelancers and agencies simple and secure. Choose to deposit either via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal. The deposits will be released to the pro only after your authorization.

  • Do I get an official invoice?


    Of course, all payments have invoices that can be downloaded or printed at any time.

  • How can I ensure that my data is safe?

    Intellectual Property

    Kiduchi Terms of Service contain default intellectual property and confidentiality provisions, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement which many clients are contented with


3. Getting the Job done

Focus on Your Work & Team

After assigning the the job to a pro, they will approve this offer and begin working. While the job is in progress, you can chat one on one with the freelancer to share updates on the progress. Before and after hiring, you will be able to share media files i.e photos, videos, audios, documents etc all through the platform. For example, you can share a photo or template for a design work with the freelancer. This will help the freelancer get a clear picture of what is expected of them and they on the other hand can also share photos of how the work is progressing. This will help you ensure that the freelancer is working inline with your requirements.

  • What should I look for when hiring on Kiduchi?


    You can evaluate freelancers or agencies by reviewing their Kiduchi profile. Each freelancer and agency in our marketplace has a Kiduchi profile. It can include work experience and portfolios, client feedback, skill score strength, and much more. You may also want to look for freelancers and agencies in our Top Rated and Rising Talent freelancer type. Then, have a quick interview with your top candidates to answer questions related to your project.

  • How do I hire an expert on Kiduchi?

    Choose an Expert

    Once you’ve signed up, you can post a job, review freelancer profiles, interview via chat or video, and hire your preferred candidate — all on Kiduchi marketplace.

  • Does Kiduchi help find freelancers and agencies for me?

    Talent Matching

    Depending on your account type, you will get access to a team of dedicated advisers who can help you find quality talent faster and more affordably than traditional staffing providers.


4. Making Payments

Authorizing Payments to Freelancers

At this point, the job  is done and now you have to authorize the amount you deposited in escrow to be released to the person who did the work. Before authorizing, confirm that the job is done as expected and everything is as required.

If everything is in place, you can proceed and authorize the payment by changing the job status to complete. Otherwise you can resolve any arising issues with the pro or raise a dispute if you can't come into an agreement with the pro.

  • Do I pay my freelancers directly?

    Payment Protection

    For guaranteed payment protection, You may not pay freelancers directly using any method other than making escrow deposits through the Kiduchi order page. In case you have been asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it immediately.

  • Do I own what is delivered to me?

    Intellectual Property to Clients

    Unless clearly stated otherwise in the job description text, when the work is delivered, the client is granted all intellectual property rights, including copyrights for the work delivered from the freelancer and the freelancer waives any and all moral rights therein. All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to clients shall be subject to full payment for the work done. For more information of intellectual property ownership, please see our Terms & Conditions “Intellectual Property Rights” section

  • Can I cancel my job order?

    Raising a Dispute

    You can cancel your job order but we encourage you to work things out with the freelancer to try and resolve any conflicts between yourselves through our dispute Resolution Center


5. Rate & Review the Pro

Improving Service Delivery & Building Trust

After your job has been completed you will be prompted to give feedback by rating and giving a review of your experience working with the professional . This will help build trust, and reduce safety related concerns between you the client and freelancers in general within the platform and the online community as a whole. This will also help improve the services offered at Kiduchi for the best

  • Why do I need to rate a freelancer?

    Rating and Reviews

    Though it is not mandatory, you are strongly recommended to  give a review on the freelancer you worked with as well as rate their services. This will increase trust and improve safety for everyone using the platform.

  • How is the safety of my personal Information?

    Privacy and Safety

    Your privacy and security is our priority. You can read our Trust & Safety Policy here. Trust & Safety is a part of our Terms of Service.

  • Can I report an issue or a freelancer if they do something I dislike?

1. How To Get Hired

Bidding for Jobs and Listing Services

Once you sign in to your freelancer account, you will be able to bid for jobs, sell professional services as products, get hired and much more. In case you are having difficulties getting hired due to zero reviews or no ratings, you can invite your offline clients onboard and ask them to assign jobs to you via the platform.

Listing services on Kiduchi is absolutely free as well as bidding for jobs. Service listing is unlimited. This means you can list as many services as possible. To start bidding, simply find your ideal job by browsing the job listing then submit a proposal.

  • Is my personal information safe?

    Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is our priority. You can read our Trust & Safety here. The Privacy Policy is a part of our Terms & Conditions.

  • Do I get paid for bringing my own clients onboard?

    Kiduchi Affiliate program

    With the Kiduchi Affiliates program, you can earn rewards. For full details, see Kiduchi Affiliates

  • How can I contact a client?

    communication on kiduchi platform

    Freelancers cannot contact new clients. The only way to communicate with a client is if a job order is initiated, a "Chat" thread is created and you will be able to communicate with the client. You may also contact the client if the client contacts you first.


2. Submit Your Proposal

Bid for The Job

Once you find your ideal project, the next step is to bid for it by submitting a proposal. When writing a proposal, ensure that you clearly state how you intend to handle the job, give some background information about why you are proposing to be hired, Make it brief, clear and straight to the point. The client might conduct an interview to see if you really understand their requirements so you should be well prepared for this.

Once the client hires you, you will receive a notification for this offer which you will have to confirm the amount is as agreed. If all the offer details are correct, you can go ahead and accept/approve otherwise you should reject it.

  • How do I find interesting projects on Kiduchi?

    Jobs and skills matching

    With our powerful job search filters, you are guaranteed to find an interesting job of any type, level, any price and anywhere depending on your preferences.

  • What kind of clients can I find on Kiduchi?

    Company size and Industries

    Clients on Kiduchi range from small, medium  and large companies to one-person startups.

  • Why should I engage with clients via Kiduchi?

    Flexibility and diversity

    On kiduchi, you have the freedom to work for any company anywhere in the world at any time. You set your own working rules, set your own prices and a lot more benefits.


3. Start Working

Work In Progress

Once you approve a clients offer, they will get a notification. The client will respond to this notification by depositing the agreed project amount to escrow account. If the deposit is successful, you should start working immediately. you will be notified  of the deposit so that you may start working on time.

While the work is in progress, ensure you log your details especially in the time tracking sheet if working on a hourly job. You should also update the client on the progress from time to time unless agreed otherwise. On completing the job, you will submit it to the client and let them confirm that everything is okay after which they will authorize the funds be released to you. Funds should reflect into your wallet immediately.

  • What’s the best way to deal with clients online?

    Being successful online

    Working with online clients is pretty much like working with onsite clients. The only difference is that you don't you don't get to meet physically with online clients.

  • How do I manage my work on Kiduchi?

    Kiduchi gives you a user-friendly platform to help you chat and share files, and get paid on a timely manner.

  • How much does Kiduchi cost?

    Service pricing

    It's free to join Kiduchi. We receive a 15% fee from each payment you receive form clients.

    When setting your prices, be sure to price your services accordingly.


4. Submit The Job

closing a successfully completed project

Once the job is completed. You are supposed to submit all files, documents and any other material being expected by the client from you. Once submitted, the client will counter check and confirm that everything is as required. They will then proceed and end the job. After, they will rate and give a review of their experience working with you. 

Therefore, always ensure that you satisfy the clients needs as much as possible. You should always keep your clients happy throughout the project so that they will give a good rating. Higher ratings means more jobs.

  • What if my file upload or delivery upload fails?

    Project delivery issues

    Uploading files on Kiduchi might fail due to a number of reasons. The most common reason being network issues. 

  • Can I cancel a job order?

    Disputes and Refunds

    You can cancel a job order by raising a dispute or you can ask the client to do the cancellation so that they can rehire someone else for the job.

  • What if I wish the client to hire me outside the platform?

    Safety and security

    For your safety and guaranteed use of Kiduchi services, you should not engage in any transactions outside the kiduchi platform.


5. Getting Paid

Withdrawing Your Earnings

You can withdraw all the amount in your wallet at any time. The payment amount will reflect in your wallet immediately the client authorizes the payment by confirming the job is complete. You can get paid via PayPal. The bank transfer option is also available.  Skrill, Payoneer, mobile money and More withdrawal options will be available soon.

  • How much can I earn on Kiduchi?


    That’s totally up to you. On Kiduchi, you set and negotiate your own rates. Kiduchi will charge you 15% for each payment you receive regardless of your rates. 

  • How long does it take for me to receive funds?

    Funds withdrawal

    Once you initiate the withdrawal request. You should receive funds within 24 - 72 Hrs

  • Are there any fees when withdrawing Earnings?

    Withdrawal charges

    When withdrawing to PayPal, Kiduchi does not charge anything and it is absolutely free. 



Frequently Asked Questions

We require Identification documents to verify users on our platform because a lot of assets including money are exchanged by both businesses and professionals on the platform. Therefore, there is need of accountability.

In summary, any work that needs to be done using a computer can be done on Kiduchi.

You basically need a computer, an internet connection and comfortable place to work from. It can either be at home, a coffee shop or an office. The choice is yours!

With the advancement in technology, online work is not that different to offline work. Only that it has improved with added speed, cost effective, quality advantages and limitless geographical boundaries.

Kiduchi only makes money when you make money. This is because Kiduchi earns a 15% commission when you get paid for service delivery.

There are no monthly nor membership fees charged for using the Kiduchi platform. In the case where any such fees are introduced, it will be communicated in writing to all users with verified and approved accounts so as to avoid inconveniences.