Looking For the Best Web Developers in Kenya?

Looking For the Best  Web Developers in Kenya?

You can now order for web design services online from Web Developers in Kenya!

At Kiduchi, we are we are a marketplace for finding you top web developers in Kenya! Whether you are a solopreneur, a startup or an established business. You wouldn’t want to gamble around finding a professional agency for your website design project.

Getting web design projects done by freelance web developers on kiduchi.

With Kiduchi, you get to assign your web design projects to any of the web developers in Kenya registered on our platform. You can also choose to import web design services from India, The US or any other country by assigning the project to an international web design agency without any extra fees on our platform in case you think the local skills are not sufficient. We have a huge database of verified web design companies and agencies in Kenya and around the world.

Why should I use Kiduchi to engage web developers in Kenya?

  • Case scenario: You assigned your website project to an agency. You explained the requirements and the agency confirms they have understood your requirements. Next, you proceed and pay an agreed amount as deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable in most cases. A week or so later, the agency submits a final project. To your surprise, the end product is totally different from what you expected!

Trying to follow up with the agency for changes and corrections, they become unruly and demand that you increase the budget for them to effect the changes. This would be a total inconvenience for you and your business.

  • Workaround: When you assign a web design project to any web developer on Kiduchi, they won’t receive the deposit amount until you as the client confirms that the project is complete with all requirements fulfilled as per the agreement. Otherwise you can dispute the project and claim a full refund of the deposit amount or choose to work with another agency.

You can also instruct the agency to give you daily or weekly updates on the progress of your web design project. This will help reduce last minute disappointments and will point out mistakes in the project early enough.

How do I Successfully engage with web developers on Kiduchi?

There are two ways you can engage with web design companies in Kenya on kiduchi marketplace. You have an option of posting your web design project as a job or task. This job post will be treated as your order. After, the qualified web developers will submit their proposals each stating their prices and other important details. You also have another option of directly buying a web design service as a product by searching on the platform.

You can browse web developers profiles on Kiduchi to see their experience, job success rate, previously completed projects, portfolios and what other clients are saying about them on the rating and reviews. Kiduchi also has account managers who will help you collaborate with a web developer of your choice to make your project successful.


Let us help you find the best web developer in Kenya for your project

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