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Inside Sales Representative

  • Job typeJob type: Partial Onsite
  • Job DurationMore than 06 months
  • Project LevelBasic Level
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Project detail

We are looking for a qualified inside sales representative that will help us onboard new clients

The following will be your deliverables.

  • Develop a deep knowledge of our services, essential for demonstrating and explaining the value they bring to the customer
  • Deliver compelling, customer-centric sales calls to a diverse customer base, employing exceptional problem-solving to address concerns such as pricing or service issues.
  • Assist customers to signup on the platform, place an order  and make payments for fulfilled orders.
  • Effectively summarizing these sales interactions in well-written, professional emails, ensuring thorough follow-up on action items

Important: The list of prospects will be provided to you. You must have a laptop to effectively execute this project.

Skills Required (Combine up to 10 skills for best results)

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