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Research Writing Q-A

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Project detail

Before jumping into this task, please do read and UNDERSTAND what I am looking for, and you deserve to do it. You must meet the deadline 30/50 days).

1. I will provide 300 passages (between 600 and 1300 words each)

2. Based on each passage, you need to design/make questions on the following TASKS:

TASK 1: Multiple Choice Questions inc True/False (7-10 questions)

TASK 2: Cause and Effect (7-10 questions)

TASK 3: Problem and Solution (7-10 questions)

TASK 4: Compare and Contrast using Van Diagram (7-10 questions)

TASK 5: Matching (7-10 questions)

TASK 6: Sequencing (7-10 questions)

TASK 7: Short Questions (9-12 questions)

TASK 8: Grammar based Filling in gaps (10 blanks)


While developing questions under each task, you must follow the Bloom’s Taxonomy (lower to higher/simple to complex/Literal to Inferential to Creative and Critical). You must prprovide answers/clue for each answer i.e., MCQ 1a, 2c.

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Skills Required (Combine up to 10 skills for best results)

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Project Completion deadline

January 23, 2021