Administrative Services Managers


Customer Service: As a customer service representative am responsible for providing assistance and support to customers. This includes tasks such as answering questions, resolving complaints,…

Virtual Assistant
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Virtual assistant who specializes in offering social media, research, data entry, calendar management and administrative support to marketing consultants, businesses and individuals. By doing this,…

Virtual Assistant and Human Resources Professional
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Do you want assistance in Human resource related tasks?Do you need a professional to handle your recruitment activities,appointment booking? If yes then look no further.…

Virtual Assistant
  • $10.00 - $25.00 / hr
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As a virtual assistant my aim is to help business owners grow their careers and achieve success. It is hard to balance the development aspect…

Content Creator
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Am an Ambitious Content creator and TV Production Manager with 5 years of experience in Media, IT, and TV environments. With a background in IT,…

project officer/influencer/virtual assistant/writer

Dedicated Political science professional with 6 year experiences program coordination, credit management, administration, clerical work, cohesion and procurement. Expert in community development services, peace building…