Trust & Safety

Your safety is our prioritized commitment.

At any given time millions of freelancers and clients from different cities all over the world engage with each other to offer and receive professional services on Kidchi. Sincere Job Success and Hire ratings, reliable Top Rating procedure and fully detailed profile information make it easy to find freelancers and clients with reputable work and hiring backgrounds.

But what makes this possible? Its nothing else but TRUST

Know the Freelancer

Clients’ feedback such as reviews, comments and ratings on a freelancer or Vice versa are key indicators of what kind of person the freelancer is in terms of their profession. Generally such feedback would help you predict a freelancer’s reputation even though you don’t know them in person.

  • After a freelancer completes a task, the client who hired him/her can give their reviews such as comments/compliments and rate the freelancer. The client might also go ahead and recommend the freelancer to another client.
  • On the other hand, after a client makes all payment for services delivered and closes an engagement contract between him/her and the freelancer, the freelancer can rate and give reviews on his/her experience with the client.

Real-time interaction between at any project stage from the beginning to the end ensures clear expectations between the two parties thus a successful project.



Kiduchi assures you that your Personal data remains private and secure at all times and we’ll never share your personal information as specified in our privacy policy.


Secure Payment & Protection

With our escrow payment protection plan, you have the opportunity to review and counter check the work done by a freelancer before authorizing pre – funded payment from your escrow account to the freelancers.

The escrow protection plan also ensures that the freelancer gets paid for each successfully completed task thus a win win situation for both parties.


Unlimited 24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicate support team is always available around the clock to offer support and assistance to help make things right. We value everyone using our service and therefor our support team is keen and always ready to attend to your grievances and try as much as possible to prevent such issues arising again. This will intern help us streamline our services and give you the best beyond your expectations.

You can also find the answers to your queries or anything you need in our Help Center or also check out our FAQ.