Best Practices For Getting Your Profile Approved on Kiduchi

Best Practices For Getting Your Profile Approved on Kiduchi

For starters, when you sign up on Kiduchi, your account must be approved before you start using the platform. The approval process is 100% manual, performed by our team of qualified personnel and does not discriminate in any way. In the case your account is rejected, you will be informed of the reason for rejection via mail to allow you make the necessary changes.

As a skilled professional, a fully completed profile is key when you are looking to monetize your professional skills. This is because your profile speaks to potential clients on your behalf. Completing your profile doesn’t just give clients the info they need, it also helps Kiduchi match you with more relevant projects. It’s also required if you want to appear on relevant search results when clients are searching for services you provide either on google search or within the Kiduchi platform.

Start your profile by choosing work categories that are most relevant to your skillset and set an hourly rate guided by your skills and experience level. You can research on Kiduchi by viewing other freelancers’ profiles in similar industries to see what they are billing. Then, consider the following tips to help enhance your profile and ensure it showcases your experience and expertise in the best way possible.


When writing your tagline, be clear and concise. This is because the tagline is the first thing your potential clients will see when your profile appears. Your tagline will either attract the client to want to know more about you or they will just pass. The tagline gives a glimpse of what you are offering in minimal words. If you are a front-end developer, state this clearly in the tagline such that the client will understand immediately whatever service you are offering. Don’t make the client have to dig deeper trying to understand what services you really are offering.

Examples: How a freelancer’s tagline and overview show up in search results.


This is another important section of your profile. In the description, it is where you introduce yourself explicitly to the clients. Tell them more about your tagline and what you have to offer. The main aim of the description is to tell the client how better you are than the rest. Whether as an experienced freelancer or you are just starting up in your niche.

Example: Freelancer profile description  / overview.

Profile Photo

Every client would wish to know who they are working with. They know what you have to offer already. But they also want to know if they can trust you by trying to link a face on your profile. Therefore, a good photo of you clearly showing your smiling face will do wonders. We recommend using simple photos with a clear and bright background. For instance: – passport photos like those you present in government offices are a perfect example. This is because they have a clear background and they show your full face nicely. DO NOT use photos with snap chat filters or other photo editing tools that add irrelevant features on your face. This is a turn off to your potential clients and they will possibly avoid you before even checking your profile. See samples below.

Example: Great and bad profile photos samples. (photo by Upwork)

Add your Experience

If you have just signed up as a new freelancer on Kiduchi, you obviously will have no past freelance jobs on the platform to back up your skills as well as experience. This doesn’t mean that you have no professional experience. But how would you convince clients on the platform that you at list had some offline experience? To maneuver through this hurdle, you should leverage the experience section of your profile. Showcase your expertise by adding all relevant work that you have done before signing up at Kiduchi as a freelancer. The jobs you add should be able to show clients that you have been working offline.

Example: Sample experience section of a freelancers profile

Previously crafted Projects

The projects section is your portfolio. This is where you will showcase the best of your completed jobs. For example, if you are a web designer, add URL links and screenshots of previous websites you have designed.

Choose assets that reflect your niche and emphasize your specialization. If your skills can’t be presented visually, try to find creative ways to explain the challenge behind each piece and how your work had an impact.

Example: Sample Kiduchi freelancer portfolio section

Awards & Certifications

Use this section to add weight to your experience by adding all certifications or awards you have ever achieved. The awards you put up should relate to whatever services you are offering and within your area of specialization.

Example: Awards & Certifications section

Add other experiences

Your knowledge doesn’t just come from your previous work experience! Your education and other activities — such as volunteer work, mentorship programs, online courses, industrial experience and other extracurricular activities can also help shape what you do and how you present yourself on Kiduchi..

Consider including a detailed description of each relevant education item by listing the institution’s name and program in chronological order, beginning with the most recent one.

You can also add your specialization in the specialization section.

Conclusion and summary

To get your profile approved, you must fill out all the sections of your profile with the required details.

You may find inspiration by browsing and viewing other freelancers’ profiles, but remember to make your profile original and unique


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